We are often asked this question and the answer is – it depends. We emphasize quality over quantity when we photograph a wedding. Our job as storytellers is to capture not only how your day looked but also how it felt. Rest assured that we have the experience to ensure that we capture the most important moments of your day along with the little in-between moments that you probably didn’t realize were happening.

You may hear our shutters clicking away on the wedding day. Photography is a process and sometimes we’re experimenting with exposure and composition to get the look we want. Sometimes were just taking several photographs of the same setup to ensure that we capture everyone with their eyes open and looking at the camera. Nobody wants to have to go through 1000’s of images so while we may shoot a lot on the wedding day, we spend time to go through and select the best images that tell the story of your day. That might mean 100-300 photos for a small wedding to 500-1000 for a multi-day ethnic wedding.