We’re sure your friend is a really great person and her offer sounds very generous but having a fancy camera doesn’t ‘automagically’ make someone a professional photographer. While the advancements in digital technology has made photography much more accessible for people, it hasn’t changed the need to become proficient at things like exposure, lighting, composition, posing, and post processing.

Like any profession, wedding photography is an art that takes years of experience to become proficient at. Weddings are fast moving events that often take place under challenging lighting situations. Chances are that your friend or family member doesn’t have backup equipment, lighting, or the range of professional lenses required in order to properly deal with these situations. Hobbyists and others offering inexpensive or free photography on sites like Kijiji are typically not your best choice when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you should hire an experienced professional to tell your story.

You probably wouldn’t hire someone to cater your wedding or bake your wedding cake just because they have a nice oven. You wouldn’t hire someone who enjoys gardening to design your floral arrangements. Why gamble on something like your wedding photos? What if the images your friend or family member takes don’t turn out? Now you’re left without photographs from one of the most important days in your lives and you’ve likely ruined a friendship in the process. Let them relax and enjoy your wedding with you and leave the photography to the professionals.