Yes and yes!  From backup cameras, flashes, batteries and memory cards, absolutely every piece of equipment is backed up at all times!  We only use professional grade memory cards and the camera bodies we shoot with have dual card slots. We could cut corners and buy cheaper gear but we decided early on that we would only buy the best gear so each time we click the shutter, a duplicate image is automatically created ensuring that your precious memories are protected.

And the process of protecting your memories doesn’t end with the gear we bring to your wedding. Before our heads hit the pillow, we take extra steps to ensure that while you’re still enjoying your reception, your images are safely being backed up on multiple hard-drives and onto our cloud storage system. By the next day, your images are safely stored in multiple locations to prevent loss from hardware failure, theft, fire, or other natural disaster.

With regards to insurance, as a professional business licensed by the City of Edmonton, we carry complete liability insurance which covers ourselves, your guests, and our equipment!